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serving the greater phoenix, arizona community
meetings sep - may, third sunday 2:00 pm




About the Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc.


By Laws           Articles of Association



The Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc. is an educational group of Koi enthusiasts serving the greater Phoenix area. The club has members throughout the Valley of the Sun and the surrounding areas (as far north as Sedona and as far south as Tucson).

     Our meetings are held the third Sunday of each month, September through May with no  meetings scheduled during the Summer Season. Normally, the monthly meetings begin at 1:30 PM at a different member’s home to view their pond(s).  The formal business and educational meeting begins at 2:00 PM with a brief club business review followed by an educational session where both in club and out of club topic specialists discuss the various aspects of Koi; from pond construction, to health maintenance, to disease prevention and treatment, to algae control, to…well, you name it!

The Mission Statement of our club is as follows:

     "To educate, inform and promote the hobby of keeping, appreciating, breeding and exhibiting Koi"

     For all of the members the club is an experienced resource that will allow each and every member to learn, understand and enjoy the keeping of Koi. Our focus is educational with a strong orientation toward information sharing, and problem solving.





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